Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It

Technology, that is. I had photos of a before and after that we had done on our dining chars that I was planning on sharing with you this week. Unfortunately, my computer had other plans.

The battery's slowly been getting worse, and last time I checked, it lasted for about 40 minutes without being plugged in. On top of that, I could only turn up the screen brightness when it was plugged in, which made it difficult to impossible to read when functioning as the laptop computer it's supposed to be.

However, besides these power issues, it was running as well as ever. Everything was fast and I had plenty of space to save my homework, photos, inspiration, and music. As a student, I use my computer for virtually every class and both my jobs. I also waste spend hours stalking socializing on Facebook and perusing blogs for inspiration.

Imagine my dismay when I plugged in my computer Monday morning and punched the power button, and nothing happened. No, that's a lie. There was a blue light that blinked for a second. Then it was gone. So, I punched the button again, and again, the light blinked. I tried wiggling the power cord, switching outlets, and calling my dear husband. His best guess was that my power cord (which has certainly seen better days) had finally disconnected inside itself and needed to be spliced back together. He promised to fix it for me that evening, and I trudged off to a computer lab for the remainder of my pre-class break.

That evening, Dave took a knife to my cord, scaring me a bit, but since it was dead if he did and dead if he didn't, I honestly didn't mind much. After pinching wires together and tightly wrapping the break in electrical tape, he plugged it back in and dramatically hit the button.

No dice.

So, while Dave wiggled and punched and clicked, I grabbed his computer and looked up power cords on Amazon. When your computer is as old as mine, you can replace most parts for about the price of a Big Mac meal. Then, just before I clicked "Proceed to Checkout," Dave mentioned that maybe it wasn't the power cord at all. Maybe it was the battery, or some connection inside the computer itself. So, we decided to wait a day and try someone else's charger with my computer.

I tracked down a friend with a Dell, and asked to borrow her cord. It didn't fit. Mine was round and hers was octagonal. How much sense does that make?

So, we went ahead and bought the cord, and the battery. They should be here Friday. But until then, all my pictures are missing.

On the plus side, I'm very glad that I'm a procrastinator, because this means that I didn't spend a week working on my big project and lose it all. At least all the last-minute scrambling I'm avoiding is only the first time I'll have to work on this particular assignment!

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Emily said...

Isn't being a procrastinator so useful though? :) It really helped me out when my hard drive crashed right around Easter of my junior year of IWU and I had a term paper due the next Friday in one of my classes. Luckily I had not done any research yet. Score for procrastinators!!!