Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Couches are Here!

They're finally here! After months of deliberating and weeks of waiting, our couches have arrived! I was so excited when I heard that they were in to the store, that I wasn't able to focus on anything the rest of the day. I figured we wouldn't have time to go get them that night, but apparently Dave was as impatient as I was, and he called his brother for help right away!

Here's Dave and his brother Will unloading them from Will's pickup. This is the only clear picture from the night they came home, because I was so excited I was bouncing.

Yes I bounce. What of it?

Our couches a few days later. I was slightly less bouncy.

They fit so perfectly! It's like they were made for this room. Somehow our room feels bigger, even though we added a couch. 

Dave says it's because they're closer to the wall. I say it's because they're perfect.

I love the shape of them; the heart-shaped back simply won my heart! The fabric is soft and the cushions are comfy. Dave likes to slouch on them with his feet on the coffee table, which I would roll my eyes at but mine are currently on the table as well. Oh well!

I'm so excited that we finally got our long-awaited couches. Our room looks all grown up!


lucasg5394 said...

Love them and the IKEA rug! Anna has that rug in her room at school. The couches are adorable!

lucasg5394 said...

This was Aunt Susie who didn't realize I was on Luke's user when I posted the last comment;)

Emily said...

Rach I love them :) I can't wait to come and visit the new couches... I mean you!

Jali said...

Let's not pretend. I want to visit the couches.