Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Head of the Issue

This is our bedroom:

I would show you more angles, but this is basically all there is to see. I was standing in the closet when I took this, and there's a dresser at the end of the bed. If the drawers are open I can't get around to my side.

We had decided not to buy a bed frame with our mattress, because we knew eventually we'd want an entire bedroom set, and at the moment we don't have the space or money. However, the lack of frame meant lack of interest on the wall behind the bed. So, last summer we saw these awesome mirrors at Ikea for a grand total of $10. They were packaged together in the scratch and dent section; I think they're doors for a discontinued cabinet. Anyway, I had no idea what we'd do with them when we picked them up, but they seemed to want to live behind our bed, to add some drama to our otherwise drama-less room.

Then, a few months ago, I hung these paper lanterns:

They're actually left over from our wedding, but I think they look pretty good here. (Looking at the picture, I think I need to add another one or two near the head of the bed. I have more white ones, I'll just have to go find them). We actually removed the ugly dome from the light over our bed and hung one of the biggest lanterns from the light fixture, which is why there's an obnoxious bright ball in the middle of the ceiling. Trust me, it looks much better in person. 

They also added lots of drama to our room. Unfortunately, now we have two big dramatic pieces centering around our bed, and they compete. The mirrors are far too tall for the addition of the lanterns. That, combined with the fact that we never did get around to hanging art between them makes me want to try something new. After all, I'd only be out $10!

But what can we do? We don't want to buy a nice bed frame, because then we'll likely replace it when we buy a house and have more space. We can't paint an accent wall to add color. We'd like to avoid putting too many holes in the wall, but if we have to hang something that's fine. 

There are some inexpensive (read: about $100) bed frames at Ikea that are actually pretty cute, and we could potentially just use the frame on a guest bed down the road. 

Or, we could make a headboard of some sort. It need not be conventional; those mirrors are rather out-of-the-box-ish. 

Do you have any brilliant ideas? I'd love your wisdom. Maybe you've been hoarding pictures of creative headboards, just waiting for someone to ask you to help them design their bedroom. Well, I'm asking.

Or maybe you just hate the lanterns. Hey, that's cool too. Just be glad I didn't hang the pink ones.

p.s. You see that awesome quilt? That was a wedding gift from my mom. She spent months finding the perfect pattern and fabric, and then months more making it. It is a labor of love, and it is so perfect for us. The pattern is great and the colors are vibrant, which is one of our favorite things. 


Brittani said...

Ok.. you asked.. So here goes.. Personally I would take down all of the white lanterns but the one that is on your light because having all of those up there makes your room look smaller than it really is.. Then.. Turn the mirrors sideways so that they make the room look bigger.. Maybe paint the trim around the mirror a color that's on your quilt? (which is beautiful btw).. I hope that helps.. :D

me, rachel said...

Brittani, I've thought about taking the lanterns down, too. But the light is centered to the room, and it's impossible to center the bed to the room. This means that the only globe left would be over one corner of the foot of the bed. Because of this, and the fact that I like the lantern light better than the original fixture, I decided to leave them all up. I love the idea of painting the mirrors!

Meagan said...

This is just a random comment, but I have some friends who made a headboard out of an old door. They repainted or stained it or something and it looks pretty awesome. Also, I love the quilt. :)

Jali said...

I, the expert decorator (right...), think you should turn the mirrors sideways and paint them. Also, maybe paint a stripe on each of the lanterns from colors on the quilt. I'm not much for decorating, but I do love splashing paint around. :)