Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Couches!

Dave and I have been talking about the possibility of buying a couch almost since we got married. The original reason was because the couch we were using was a love seat borrowed from one of Dave's brothers, and we thought he and his wife would want it back when they bought their house. So we started looking into the idea of buying a couch for ourselves.

After we had stocked our home with the essentials (like a pink Kitchen Aid mixer...priorities people!), we looked at how much money we had leftover from wedding gifts and set a budget. We started looking at couches before we needed one because I knew how long it takes me to make an opinion, especially about big purchases. We looked at Ikea and Ashley and Value City and anywhere else we could think of. No dice. 

In our search, we came across an outlet store nearby completely by chance. It carried floor models or cancelled orders at discontinued prices. We went here several times looking for gems, but had very little luck. Then, about a month ago, we came across these adorable couches in an unfortunate shade of green. 

We didn't want avocado-colored couches, and since these were sold as-is, we moved on. We went to Panera to grab supper and discuss the couches we had seen, and I said that I couldn't stop thinking about these two. They had a very similar shape to one I had fallen in love with at Pier 1 but had decided against because it was a bit out of our price range and we didn't agree on liking it enough to justify it. I told Dave that I liked them so much I was almost willing to consider the green. 

So we started our iPhone research. We looked up the couches by name and found that Morris Home Furnishings and JC Penny both carried them. Unfortunately, to get the set it was about double our budget. So, we looked for other stores that might also carry them.

We found this family-owned store called Lower Valley Furniture in Springfield that carried the brand that made these couches (Klausner). So, we went over there to check it out. When we found out that they carried it we were excited. Then they quoted us the price, and we almost fell over. It was $200 less per couch than Penny's. We were elated. At that price, we could order both couches without breaking the bank! And, we could pick them up to save on shipping (JC Penny's had a mandatory $300 shipping rate. Gross!).

So, last week we went back with our trusty furniture testers (also known as Dave's older brothers). They told us that it looked sturdy enough, and then proceeded to try out nearly every recliner in the store. At least they are easily entertained!

We got them in this color, khaki microfiber. It looks a little lighter in person. I decided to recover the pillows when we got it so that we could make them the crazy bright colors that Dave and I are both so fond of.

I'm so excited about our new couches, but I'm already impatient to get them! Since they're customizable (they had like 100 fabric options, as well as customizable pillows and legs), it will take about a month to come in. I'll keep you posted!

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