Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Design Trends I Hate

I love collecting inspiration and ideas for decorating my home. There are lots of things I love, many things that grow on me over time, and several things I cannot stand. These are of the "cannot stand" variety.

1. Taxidermy

OK, so maybe taxidermy isn't a huge trend outside of man-caves or hunter's cabins. But it's slightly less creepy cousin is:

Ceramic animal heads. It's like saying you want dead things hanging on your walls, but you're afraid that going hunting will spoil your man-icure.

2. Distressed

I think that this trend looks like it needs to be fixed up. It brings to mind paint peeling off old barns, or abandoned buildings that are in danger of falling down. To me, It looks like something that I want to fix up, not something that I want to showcase.

3. Skulls

Why would you want to glorify death? I don't understand how skulls have become so trendy, even in fashion. Sometimes they're branded emo, sometimes whimsical, but they're always creepy.

4. Doll Parts

These look like a serial killer's souvenirs. Why why why would you want to decorate your home with bitty baby body parts? These top my list of creepiest decor, yet I've seen them more than the rest. How can you think that dismembered baby dolls are cute and whimsical?

What are your least favorite trends? Is there anything out there that makes you scratch your head and wonder what the designer was thinking?

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