Friday, December 2, 2011

Accidentally Hipster

Yesterday I was doing my homework for typography, one of my graphic design classes. The assignment was to create a 2-page magazine layout with the article "The Gospel According to Hipsters," written by Brett McCracken for Relevant magazine (a shortened version of the article is available here). Because of the topic of the article, I naturally spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest searching for photos of hipsters.

After picking a few photos to use, I spent some time reading flow charts and hipster-edit pictures (under the guise of doing my homework, of course). Hipsters, like any slice of society, are easy to make fun of. In reading through these sarcastic accounts of stereotypical trendy hipsters, I came to a terrifying realization. 

I am a hipster.


But yes.

Think about it. What is a hipster, after all? A knitting, crafting, glasses-wearing, Goodwill-shopping tea-drinking person, most likely in their early twenties, with a degree in English or art.

What am I? A knitting, crafting, glasses-wearing, Goodwill-shopping tea-drinking person, in my early twenties, with a degree in journalism and graphic design.

Oops. Didn't see that one coming. See, I always thought hipsters were like the baristas at Rinnova (our campus coffee shop). They wear V-necks and skinny jeans and slouchy hats and Toms. Oh, and girls work there too.

I'm not like that. I'm not into the whole "it's so ugly it's cool" thing. Never really understood it.

Then, a while back, a friend pointed out to me (jokingly) that I'm a hipster because I knit. I beg to differ. I've been knitting for years! And that chandelier above our bed; so what if I made it myself out of wax paper and a hanging basket. That doesn't make me a hipster! Neither does the quilt on the bed or the dress I recently spent a month making from scratch myself so I could attend a counter-cultural event known as a Civil War reenactment. The tea in my fair-trade travel mug that never leaves my hand doesn't make me hip and there is nothing trendy about shopping second hand.

Besides, I couldn't possibly be a part of that group; it's made up of cool people, and I'm not cool. I'm weird and different. I'm married

(But now everybody else is getting married. You know what that means...)

I was married before it was cool!

Oh no! I'm one of them!

Ironically (there's another hipster word), I actually have been doing this stuff since before it was cool. I must say, I never thought people would want to be like me. I'm not really that kind of person. 

But since I learned everything I know from my mom, I guess that makes her the original hipster. She did always say that if she kept wearing the same stuff all the time eventually it would be cool again...

So what do you think? Have you ever found yourself accidentally a part of a social group you didn't know existed? Maybe you found out that the hippest people around were really trying to emulate you, or your mother. Hopefully none of you have ever done anything so silly as set up a mirror photoshoot while you were home by yourself in your hubbies sweater (which you ironically actually happened to be wearing when you decided to take said pictures) to post to a blog about being an accidental hipster. But tell me if you did. I promise not to judge. And sometimes it's nice to know that there are other people like me in the world.

Not that there are. I'm unique. I'm a hipster.